Jacques Pellarin’s music creates an atmosphere of love and romance, suggests the mood of a
smoky Parisian café, captures the sounds of mystery, journeys, found and lost loves…

For over 27 years, virtuoso accordionist Jacques Pellarin has brought the sounds of the French countryside
to all corners of the globe. With 6 albums and multiple international tours, he has shared his
musette-inspired accordion compositions with a world-wide audience.
Jacques’ professional career began as part of the internationally acclaimed Baikal Duo and after 18 years of
classical performances, Jacques formed a quartet and an acoustic trio in order to pursue a freer
interpretation of jazz and world music. In 2011, the Jacques Pellarin Quartet released the
critically-acclaimed album Sup Dude and today, Jacques continues to compose, perform, and tour but his
focus is now on sharing his music with a larger global audience through strategic placements and song
licensing deal.

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