For their noted first album « Luck and accident », the press was unanimous. They were the worthy heirs of Interpol. Modern young folks to be closely watched as they outrageously ruled out the competition on their own turf. Far from early cold wave allusions, KIM NOVAK comes back in 2011 and dreams of another destiny : New songs, new line-up, more substantial artistical direction. KIM NOVAK has enlarged their horizons and the songs have become more subtle. Continuing this gentle metamorphosis set in motion with their EP “Glory” (out February 2011), the band goes back to studio in June with the untouched determination to astound yet again. On the new LP: « Doo wop » choirs, luminous hymns and funeral marches. Inspired by the new upcoming Californian rock scene as much as by the old demons of Rock’n Roll. (Velvet Underground as a banner-bearer), KIM NOVAK continues to write their own story with one only course of action: sincerity and high artistic expectations.

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